TranquilTub Restorative Bath Soak 200ml

Simply add TranquilTub™ to your bath water and let the healing power of nature do its work!



TranquilTub™ contains carefully selected ingredients that work together to provide a calming and restorative effect on your body.

Our unique formula is packed with active ingredients and essential oils to ease physical and mental stress.

The rich, spicy, herbaceous scent lingers to create a relaxing and calming atmosphere, helping you to unwind.

Key ingredients:
• Magnesium Sulphate
• Hemp Seed Extract
• Plant Extracts
• Essential Oil Blend

Key benefits:
• Anti-Inflammatory properties
• Soothes tired muscles and sore joints
• Rich in antioxidants
• Softens and hydrates your skin
• Improves blood flow
• Reduces stress and tension
• Calming and restorative fragrance

TranquilTub™ is suitable for vegans and proudly made in South Africa.

2 reviews for TranquilTub Restorative Bath Soak 200ml

  1. Leemor

    I absolutely love TranquilTub. It’s my go-to add to my bath, every time. It’s perfect for relaxing as well as relieving aching muscles. It’s my favourite gift for my besties. 5 stars 🌟. Such a brilliant product!

    • TranquilTub

      Thank you so much for your review! We are so happy that you are enjoying the product.

  2. Tanya

    Such an amazing product! My husband soaked in it after a sports event and said he felt like a new person. He also continues with, “Stiffness gone. Aches and pains gone. Am I 40, yes. Do I feel like I am 40? No I do not.”

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